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1st Choice Locksmith Houston is a leading locksmith company in Katy, Houston Texas. We offer a large line of commercial hardware for any type of business.

Commercial Services

Houston Residential Services

Houston 1st Choice Locksmith is devoted to providing you with the most professional service available, at reasonable prices for you our customer. Our Residential services include but are not limited to:

Residential Services

Our Automobile Service

Houstonprofessional trained locksmiths are fully equipped with a variety of special tools to safely open your car, Truck also make a ignition or door, trunk key and remove a broken Ignition key and much more.

Automobile Keys

Houston Locksmith Scams Consumer Beware

In an effort to alert consumers of this problem before it happens to anyone else, 1st Choice Locksmith, LLC has created this News Bulletin. There have been numerous reports through out the United States, "FICTICIOUS LOCKSMITHS" otherwise known as "SCAMMERS." Various Locksmith Associations have been receiving calls and reports of "FICTICIOUS LOCKSMITHS". Local news and newspapers have been reporting several cases that are happening in their area.

Beware of locksmith scammers!

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